Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knitting my knuckles off...

I just finished three demo soakers for the Munchkin Rumps Soaker pattern. I've been knitting like crazy. I started 12 days, but really stepped it up ~1 week ago. I'm averaging about 2 days per soaker.
I think I'm gonna give it a rest for a little bit. I DO have other soaker & longies projects in mind, but I have the "necessities" done for now.

Oh yeah! A woman at church saw dd's bloomers under her dress at Easter & wants me to knit a pair for her granddaughter. My first customer!! :D
Gotta tweak the bloomers pattern next...

Take a look.
Boy/Girl soaker 3-6mos

Girl Soaker 6-9 mos

Girl Longies w/"mock" flared leg 6-9 mos

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