Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Ltttle of Everything...

Oh man have I been working on a BUNCH of projects all at once!
Here's the run no particular order (cuz I don't remember :)LOL

1) Listed annual & lifetime cottage licenses on etsy of for my knit pattern.
2) Been selling some old clothes on ebay.
3 & 4) Won some black BFL & ordered some undyed BFL too.
5) Wrote crochet versions of Munchkin Rumps Soaker...I have 2 very different versions.

6) Dyed two skeins of yarn for crochet demos to sell.

7) Got a Little Meggie (Mother Marion) kick spindle from & started spinning the gray BFL/Corrie batt :)

8) Been disassembling sweaters & felting.

9) Owen helped me frog...and is walking now!

10) Knit Owen the "firestorm" shorties...FINALLY!

11) Still plugging away at Nate & Ann's socks...

12) Celebrated Serena's 5th b-day at Chuckie Cheese.

13) Found a baby painted turtle in the yard at the end of May & relocated him to the fish pond.

14) Then ~3 weeks later found an adult & put him in the pond too :)

Can you spot the adult & the baby among the lily pads??
Hint: look in opposite corners :)
15) Gotta get back to it...LOL

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hiking Socks "Adventure"

Well, my plan of finishing two pairs of hiking socks in one month didn't pan out.
Finding the yarn took a bit. I had a hard time finding colorways that I thought "fit" Nate & Ann's personalities. I also REALLY wanted it to be superwash BFL...but that didn't work. Finally settled on these...superwash merino that I double stranded with white Wooly Nylon serger thread.

Then I had to find a pattern. Since I wanted matching stripes and socks that were the same size, I thought I would try "toe-up" socks. I didn't want to ask Nate & Ann for their foot measurements so I was going to make tube socks. I learned a new cast-on method & went to work. Not one for fancy stitches it was just going to be 2x2 ribbed. I started with Nate's (the greenish one) cuz I was most afraid of running out of yarn for him.

Well I figured I'd run out if I did ALL ribbing up the top of the foot, so FROGGED it & tried it in stockinette after the ball. Decided to try my hand at a short row heel & this is what I got...

with only 24" of yarn left in the 1/2 skein :O

Jumped online & tried to find more yarn from the same manufacturer...looks like they went under recently. I couldn't find much at all. Finally found some leftovers that looked like they might coordinate. I ordered one more for each pair of socks & a third in case they colors didn't coordinate well. I couldn't tell from the website how long shipping would take, but it looked like it might be a while. So while I waited I decided to FROG what I had already done & start over...again. This time "top-down" socks with "heel stitch" to strengthen the fabric at the heel. I wanted to knit the cuffs of all 4 socks before the new yarn arrived (not knowing if I could get them all done in time)...and I broke down & asked for measurements knowing it might spoil the surprise :(

Turns out it took 2 weeks for the new yarn to get here >:(
But that was just enough time to do all 4 cuffs...

with a little extra time to make a stand-in gift...felted hot pads & oven mitts

FINALLY, the yarn arrived...but only 2 skeins!!
What? Where was the the third? The one I originally wanted?
I received vermilion? More like dark mauve...

But it was a good match for the light purple areas on the original yarn for Ann.

And I received russet? More like bloody tomato...

YUCK! This wasn't going to work at all!!
My first thought was, "Great! Now I have to try to find more yarn!" But then a light bulb went off...I can dye it!! :) YAY!

First attempt with 6 packets Lemon Lime...

Splotchy :P

Second attempt with 5 packets Switchin' Secret & 2 packets Ice Blue Lemonade...

Boy! They aren't kidding when they say that superwash yarn sucks up color! Lightning fast!

Now I knit every spare second I could so I could have at least ONE done for each of them to try on & I STILL was knitting the during the time they were here. Not very good hostess behavior, sorry :(
But here they are...

Now I just have to make the mates :)