Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Ltttle of Everything...

Oh man have I been working on a BUNCH of projects all at once!
Here's the run no particular order (cuz I don't remember :)LOL

1) Listed annual & lifetime cottage licenses on etsy of for my knit pattern.
2) Been selling some old clothes on ebay.
3 & 4) Won some black BFL & ordered some undyed BFL too.
5) Wrote crochet versions of Munchkin Rumps Soaker...I have 2 very different versions.

6) Dyed two skeins of yarn for crochet demos to sell.

7) Got a Little Meggie (Mother Marion) kick spindle from & started spinning the gray BFL/Corrie batt :)

8) Been disassembling sweaters & felting.

9) Owen helped me frog...and is walking now!

10) Knit Owen the "firestorm" shorties...FINALLY!

11) Still plugging away at Nate & Ann's socks...

12) Celebrated Serena's 5th b-day at Chuckie Cheese.

13) Found a baby painted turtle in the yard at the end of May & relocated him to the fish pond.

14) Then ~3 weeks later found an adult & put him in the pond too :)

Can you spot the adult & the baby among the lily pads??
Hint: look in opposite corners :)
15) Gotta get back to it...LOL

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