Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Felting up a storm

I've been felting stuff like crazy!
These are the felted projects I've completed & am still working on.

Felted kitchen set for J...no trivets (we don't use 'em anyway)

Half-sized wool dryer balls (to de-wrinkle & de-static J's shirts since I stopped using dryer sheets). Gotta wind on and felt some more. Instructions to make are found here. It's taking 3 turns in the hot cycle to felt as much as I like cuz it's Shetland wool & very durable.

Mini wet bag...holds three of Owen's diapers :)

Still to do...tooth fairy pillow for Serena from felted yellow sweater, another purple wet bag, an orange wet bag, a yellow wet bag, fishing reel bags for Gary (from the brown & autumn harvest sweaters)...and I need to find some time to make more diapers & crochet a pony for Serena...AAAAHHHH!!!!

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