Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Munchkin Rumps Bloomers Pattern to be merged with MR Universal Soaker Pattern

I had intended to create 4 different sizes of the Munchkin Rumps Bloomers Pattern (toddler - pre-teen) and maybe change the gusset a bit before releasing this as a new pattern. However, I've decided that the modifications are not significantly different enough to warrant having two separate patterns. Instead, the Munchkin Rumps Universal Soaker (xls) pattern will absorb the gusset variation. And with the customization page, anyone can make a size for an older child...plus the bloomers leg style is already integrated into it.

The MRUSP will still be available through my etsy shop at www.munchkinknitworks.etsy.com
Furthermore, there will be NO CHANGE IN THE PURCHASE PRICE.

I probably won't get to this for another week or so...gotta finish up Christmas celebrations :)

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