Sunday, March 16, 2008

Munchkin Rumps Universal Soaker Pattern

I just had to enter the Munchkin Rumps Universal Soaker pattern I've been working on into the Ravelry database, for a test knitter that wanted to add it to her FO' I thought I should have an entry in my blog since it is listed as having more info.

I am nearly done with developing this completely customizable pattern & will be offering it up for sale soon...probably thru etsy.

Use any yarn, with any needles & any gauge to make custom fit soakers, shorties, or longies.
Currently, the pattern is for knit-in-the-round but I do want to develop one for flat knitting & maybe even crochet. I'm also going to finish the bloomers version that I made originally & maybe even make a skirtie version too.

This all came about after I spent three days obsessing over/translating/deciphering a Japanese pattern for ladies knit panties. The pattern was flat knit & written in Japanese. What I could decipher gave me a FO that was sized for a small adult woman...not very useful for cloth diapering.

So began the task of rewriting and resizing. With my severe gauge-matching impairment, I didn't think I could come up with a version that called for sticking to a hard & fast gauge so I started writing it in MS Excel. Also, the original flat knit called for two pieces seamed together down the midline...I didn't like that so I came up with a circular knit version. I also couldn't decipher the gusset area so I designed my own.

I've had some volunteer knitters testing it for me (they've been REALLY helpful) and have a few of my first attempts posted on Ravelry

Here's one of mine I really like (soaker w/extra long rise)

I'm still not quite ready for the debut...but hope to be within the month.

I'm VERY excited about this whole thing!

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