Sunday, November 2, 2008

The "Spin In"

I went to a "Spin In" a few weeks ago (Oct 18th), held by the Bishop Hill Fiber Guild. I carpooled with my new "fiber friend," Heidi (who I met at our local famer's market).

She brought her wheel along

An Ashford Traveler.

So I could participate in the "Beginning Wheel Spinning" Workshop.
After ~1hr I had this much done

I also attended the "Sheep Breeds & Wool Uses" Workshop...loads of great info.

Of course, I made a couple purchases from Black Socks Sheep & Wool.
Two oz black CVM Lamb roving from "Emily"...I think.

And some of the first batch of yarn they had spun...
Five oz of aran wt taupe-colored CVM from "Sparrow"

Fast forward...I was able to go over to Heidi's to keep spinning the white corriedale & got ~ halfway thru the 2 oz.

Fast forward again to yesterday...I met up with Heidi at a craft show she was selling at & spun for almost another 3 hrs to FINALLY finish the 2oz.

DD watching me spin

It now looks like this...and took a total of about 7 hrs to spin.

It is REALLY fine. I think it's average fingering to lace weight...when plied...YIKES!
I'm spinning 4oz of worsted-aran weight gray on my kick spindle to ply with it....gotta find the time tho...

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