Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breathe In Those Kool Aid Fumes!

This is a bit belated, but in January I began selling my hand dyed yarns in my esty shop.
I named my creations "Fingerpaints" and have various weights available. Most of it is non-superwash worsted weight, but I have done some sport and sock weight too.

In February, I added hand dyed roving. I have now replenished my undyed stash and have about 5 lbs of yarn waiting for the dye pot :)

Here's what I added to the shop in January & February. Some have sold, but I still have several currently for sale. I'll also be adding more as I work my way through the new stock.

Superwash Merino Rovings:

And three that I'm saving for my kids:

This one has already been knit into shorties for ds.

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