Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rainbow Invasion!

About 9 months ago I introduced some self-striping rainbow sock yarns to my Etsy shop: Munchkin Knitworks.  Since then, I have barely had a chance to take a break from dyeing.

These are the four main versions that I can repeat reliably.  Clockwise from top left: Rainbow Princess, Bright Rainbow, Mellow Rainbow, and Sassy Rainbow.

 Here is a swatch I knit with "Mellow Rainbow."  It is 64sts around and approx. 9sts per inch.
Thanks to dh for being my photography assistant ;)


I do enjoy surrounding myself with rainbows, but I am planning some new self-striping colorways for spring.

And another pair of Bright Rainbows sold while I was typing ;)

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