Thursday, October 2, 2008

JD Green & Kool Black

If you are my father..stop reading and come back after Christmas!

If not, please continue long as you promise not to tell my father what you learn here :)LOL

I want to make my dad some socks for Xmas so I asked for color preferences...with the intention of doing some Kool Aid dyeing. His came back as gray & John Deere green! How was I going to get that? Then I remembered that I got a really nice green when I mixed 5 Switchin' Secrets and 2 blues (IBRL).

So I happened to find a box of 72 packets of Switchin'Secret on ebay...since I was all out (it's discontinued and hard to find) so I bought it. It came just the other day & I finally got around to working on this.
I knew I wanted some dark regions...preferably black and from my experimenting with Blackberry Ghoul Aid (also discontinued and hard to find) I knew that the best way to get black from the dark purple was to add green...PERFECT!

I started mixing the colors today....Switchin' Secret & Berry Blue and noticed that I didn't have the opacity that I did in the first batch from June....what was wrong? OH YEAH! I used Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade...NOT Berry Blue...RATS! I knew I didn't have any of that left so I added generic lemonade and got this... I was pretty happy :D I poured the Blackberry on the yarn where I wanted it, then dunked the whole skein in the dyepot of green. I horribly tangled the skeins as I squished it around but I didn't want to get any white spots since superwash sucks up color so fast!. Here's the results. It's cooking in the crock pot right now. I'm very happy. I just hope it knits up well.

Here's the details:
2 Skeins Knit Pick's Bare Superwash DK (100g each)

# packets of KA per skein
3 Blackberry
5 Switchin' Secret
2 Berry Blue
3 generic lemonade (not pictured)

Mixed 1 packet Blackberry in 3 oz of H2O. Apply to yarn. Repeat 2 times till coverage is thorough.

Mix Switchin' Secret, Berry Blue, & lemonade

Add yarn to green dye & squish.

Here are some interesting colors from mixing up the green:
4 packets Switchin' Secret

4 packets Switchin' Secret & 2 packets Berry Blue


Rachel said...

I can't wait to see how that knits up - what a "kool" idea, lol!

SylverX said...

S-W-E-E-T. That looks great! I can't wait to see it knit up!