Saturday, September 27, 2008

Knitting till it HURTS!

I've been knitting every day for several weeks now trying to get Christmas presents done. Shortly after I started, my left arm started tingling. I've been to the chiropractor & the massage therapist several times since it started & we were thinking it was a continuation of the issues I've been having from carrying Owen...well, I think it's something different.

Carpal Tunnel the very least inflammation of the nerve involved in that syndrome.
So I'm taking a break...even tho the gifts aren't all done. I found one of my old braces from the last time I had neuritis (in college) & we'll see if it gets any better.

Wish me luck :) I still have 4-6 gifts to work on.

1 comment:

SylverX said...

Don't feel bad; my arm hurts too. :D
I hope it gets better!