Wednesday, September 3, 2008

YO! Stitch markers, Stay where I put you!

When I knit short rows, I like doing YO short rows as described by Mandie here. So much so that I linked to her page in my Munchkin Rumps Universal Soaker Pattern for any knitters who had not done short rows before. Well it was brought to my attention that it was a bit confusing how to do YO short rows at the marked stitches and still keep the marker in the right place.

Here are the options for turning at the indicated stitch in the Munchkin Rumps pattern...

Option #1: Use "wrap & turn" short rows. They do not interfere with the location of the stitch marker.

Option #2: You can move the stitch marker one more stitch away from center back, then do the turn at the stitch before the marker. That way the turn is in the appropriate place.

Option #3: You can work w/o markers & just watch for the second to last knit stitch before the side ribbing (like I do).

Option #4: Here’s the YO short row way with markers in place…my camera’s busted otherwise I would take pics. You’ll need markers that are bigger than your needles (not the same size).

Knit to the 1st marker past center back.
Pass marker to RIGHT needle.
Turn work.
Move yarn to back for wrapping.
Insert needle purlwise into the marker AND the next st…Purl one st. You should now have a YO & a st with a marker around …that’s ok. (see note below)
Purl to the next marker.
Pass marker to the RIGHT needle.
Turn work.
Wrap RIGHT needle clockwise for the YO.
Pass marker to RIGHT needle.
Knit one st…you should now have a YO, a marker & a new st on the RIGHT needle.
Knit to the st that has the first marker around it. With this st on the LEFT needle, lift the marker back onto the LEFT needle.
Knit 1, pass marker, K2tog.
Continue around until the st before the next YO.
SSK, pass marker, knit…

NOTE: If you pass the marker to the RIGHT, then purl, you run the risk of the marker slipping beyond the wrap to the wrong position.

I borrowed a camera for some pics.
Click on any picture to see it larger.
Mock soaker with center back in the middle & two stitch markers on either side.

Knit to first marker.

Pass marker to R needle & turn work around.

Move working yarn to back & purl into the marker & the next stitch.

Sorry for the blurry photo...
The green stitch marker is around the purled stitch.

Purl to the next marker.

Move marker to the R needle, turn work & wrap R needle clockwise.

Pass marker to the R needle & knit across.

The stitch with the marker around it should be on you L needle.
Lift it up & on to the L needle.

Knit 1, pass marker, K2tog.
Knit around till the next YO is the first stitch on the L needle (2 sts before the next marker).

SSK, pass marker, continue around till the next short row.

HTH :)

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