Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank you, Ravelympics. The burden has lifted!

It's a bit delayed but...

Here is the medal I received for competing/participating in the first ever RAVELYMPICS!
See Ravelry for more info.

The major project that I worked on in order to be a "Ravthlete" in the WIPs Wrestling event was...the Torturous Baby Blanket. I had not touched it since the linked blog post was written...3 months ago. Here it is. Finally finished!

The actual finished size of this blanket is ~24" x 36" so you can see how tiny the stitches are.
I had to mess with the needle size before I could get a nice even fabric. The end looks SO MUCH BETTER than the first 2/3, but I DON'T CARE!.

It was hand delivered to Karen and is GONE!!

The one thing that makes me a little remorseful about my negative feelings is that Karen told me that the couple who lost the baby that this was intended for (their 3rd loss) is going to have the wife's sister carry a baby as a surrogate. That made me feel bad that I had all this negative energy attached to it as I knit it. But I am happy for them and wish them a healthy baby to love and wrap up in this cute little blanket...well other people think it's cute.

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Rachel said...

It IS a cute blanket, and good for you not to give up on it. I'm sure it will be very appreciated!