Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homespun Goodness

I finally plied my singles for the sock monkeys I want to make for the kiddos. I was able to meet up with my spinning buddy on Monday night to use her wheel.

I started with my first wheel spun single: 2 oz of white corridale

And plied it with two 2oz singles of gray BFL/Corrie X that I spun on my kick spindle.

Here are the results:

Both skeins came out to be 68 yds! Don't know how I managed that! The first one has a few spots where the ply twist is underspun but we were having some trouble with friction in the wheel. The second skein is much more even. Over all I am VERY HAPPY with the results.

I even have some of the corriedale left over. It's from the inner bobbin and was some of the first stuff I spun on the wheel (back in October) when I had the tension set too high...boy is that some ENERGETIC yarn!! :)LOL

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