Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fiber Fun Day: Part 1

What a day!!
I just got back from two excursions into "Fiber Wonderland"

First, I got a call this morning from Mike, the shepherd at BSSW. The shearer was coming TODAY! And he was going to be there SOON!! AAAHHH!!!

Hubby was at work (racking up the overtime) so I called him really quick to see if he could come home to watch the baby while Serena and I went on a road trip. He graciously agreed & came home as soon as he got his latest project done.

We ran out the door & got there as soon as we could...but it was too late :( The shearer (who usually works alone) brought a shearing "buddy" and they got done in half the time. Oh well. Serena finally got to see the baby lambs & pet a couple of them.

Serena's favorite...

Showing Serena sheep teeth...

EEEK! Naked sheep! :)

Oh's a pic of my first two attempts at yarn. The small, thin one is #1 and the larger thick one is #2.

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