Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's official...Fiber Snob

I went to the LYS in Morton yesterday, "Ewe-nique Yarns Etc" and spent ~1.5hrs there (a lot of it chasing my 10mo son out of the floor level yarn bins). I touched every type of 100% wool they had & only found 2...count 'em 2 that i thought were soft enough to buy...and they have a LARGE selection. Now that doesn't count the wool/synthetic blends...they were soft, but they're blends...not really interested. And that also doesn't count the non-sheep's wool...ooooo, baby alpaca :) I was disappointed that even most of the merino & merino blends were not very soft either :( not that I'd get them either (too delicate & pilly). But it makes me glad that I haven't purchased that much off the internet...I've been hesitant cuz I haven't touched it.

So what DID I buy? I'd been looking for a wool, wool/cotton blend, or cotton yarn to make some leggings for dd to wear next winter under dresses but was not happy with what I'd found. Was afraid anything merino would lose the elasticity in the ribbing, and did not want a lot of (if any) synthetic. Result? Alpaca With a Twist, Baby alpaca...SO SOFT!! The color is darker than I'd originally wanted (off-white), but it should work fine & not show so much dirt.

So now, what to do about yarn I want to use for myself & my family?
Well, the two commercial brands I liked were Aussi Wool by Oasis Yarns & Ecological Wool by Cascade Yarns.
Anything else is gonna have to be Blue Faced Leicester or hand spun by me from the Black Socks Sheep & Wool farm. Just heard from the shepherd today, they've been busying with lambing. I can stop by Friday or Saturday, YAY!!

I think I'm gonna take all that Paton's back to Michael's. Why do I waste my time there?

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